Woelfels Dental Anatomy 9th Ed

Author : Rickne C. Scheid
Gabriela Weiss

Edition : 9th Edition

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Textbook with its electricity point lecture slides and test objects  or teachers and its many learning sports became designed  or instructors o  dental anatomy guides as a teaching guide all through lectures, dialogue intervals, and laboratory classes, as well as at some stage in early clinical reports. it’s also useful as a reference within the dental office. 

New in this edition 

Over a hundred and twenty new color illustrations had been brought in this version, specially within the  first six chapters in which unique tendencies o  every type o  each teeth are quality found out by visualizing multiple examples o  tooth  from one of a kind perspectives. further, to  facilitate mastering, many existing illustrations have been reorganized and improved by using including new labels, arrows, color highlights, and tooth numbers.


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