Zygomatic Implants Optimization and Innovation

Author : James Chow

Edition : 1st Edition

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This book provides clinicians with state of the art information on the utilization of zygomatic implants to revive function and improve quality of life. International experts close to showcase important innovations and advances in techniques which will assist within the optimization of outcomes. Readers will find information on indications, biomechanics, the role of imaging, digital treatment planning, and every one aspects of implant placement. 

Individual chapters are dedicated to different procedures, including the extramaxillary surgical technique, extended sinus lift with retained bone window, the anatomy-guided approach, the quad zygoma technique, and static and dynamic guided surgery. the utilization of zygomatic implants specifically in oncology patients is additionally given detailed consideration. 

Today, the zygomatic approach offers many advantages for patients with severe maxillary resorption, in whom grafting was within the past unavoidable. In providing an up-to-date global perspective on the zygoma concept, this book are going to be a useful source of guidance for practitioners in the least levels of experience.


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