Practical Implant Dentistry The Science and Art

Author : Ashok Sethi
Thomas Kous

Edition : 2nd Edition

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Conceptually the replacement of a missing tooth by suggests that of AN implant is engaging for many reasons: it’s practically and esthetically superior to the other variety of restoration it replaces the tooth in a very manner that closely resembles its missing natural precursor the implant-supported restoration may be freelance of the adjacent teeth it’s therapeutically engaging as a result of it’ll stimulate the bone and induce a rise in density in response to functional load. 

This book offers a sensible and pragmatic approach to implant medical specialty, outlining certain protocols for every stage. Our aim is to gift pointers to help the practician throughout higher cognitive process. The illustrations area unit designed to facilitate the comprehension of the clinical procedures. 

The flowcharts area unit designed to supply AN understanding of the procedures and also the numerous accessible pathways. we tend to hope that the flowcharts can explain the treatment choices accessible and facilitate in visualising every stage among the general treatment set up. There area unit checklists sure as shooting stages to confirm that the relevant points are adequately addressed  before embarking on succeeding stage.


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