Implant Prosthodontics: A Patient-Oriented Strategy

Author : Stefan Wolfart

Edition : 1st Edition

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A hit, superb implant dentistry and implant prosthodontics is feasible only with a crew that works nicely together. here, i’d specially want to thank Franz Harle, Hendrik Terheyden, Jorg Wiltfang, and Frank Holzle within the subject of oral and maxillofacial surgical procedure. without their expertise and the very close collaboration we enjoyed, many of our sufferers couldn’t have been rehabilitated in keeping with the idea provided on this e book. 

Dental technicians are also important companions in this cooperative effort. I want to extend my specific thanks to master Dental Technicians Stefan Horn, Volker Weber, Matthias Hasselberg, and Tomonari Okawa1 as well as Dental Technicians Reinhard Busch, Raphael Gerhardt, and Britta Schluter, for his or her good sized willpower and countless discussions, thoughts, and tips. 

In view of the meteoric advances in implantology and implant prosthodontics, this e book could not had been found out at this stage of complexity with out the help and help of the four professionals who had been additionally involved in its creation. one of these is Sven Reich, who possesses a profound understanding of virtual dentistry.


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