The Ortho Perio Patient Clinical Evidence & Therapeutic Guidelines

Author : Theodore Eliades
Christos Katsaros

Edition : 1st Edition

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This book gathers the available evidence and offers a radical and substantiated discussion of treatment for the ortho-perio patient. With contributions from leading scholars and clinicians everywhere the planet , the book systematically analyzes the interaction of the 2 specialties from both scientific and clinical perspectives. 

It includes an introductory section where the basics of oral physiology with reference to orthodontic-periodontic interactions are analyzed, including bone biology in adult patients and therefore the basics of oral microbiota attachment and pellicle organization on materials. 

the next section on periodontal considerations for the orthodontic patient covers the periodontal examination of the orthodontic patient, aspects of gingival recession and grafting, clinical attachment level, orthodontic-periodontic effects of expansion, surgical crown lengthening, and ectopic canine eruption. The last section on orthodontic considerations for the periodontic patient includes chapters on clinical attachment level, the biomechanics in compromised periodontal tissues, and principles of treatment in periodontic patients.


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