High-Strength Ceramics Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Author : Jonathan L. Ferencz
Nelson R.F.A. Silva
José Manuel Navarro

Edition : 1st Edition

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The muse for this ebook began approximately a decade ago when the big apple university (NYU) university of Dentistry built one of the strongest biomaterials teams inside the global. under the leadership of former NYU Dean Michael Alfano, Diane Rekow and Van Thompson were recruited to return to NYU and create a biomaterials research institution that centered on answering a few fundamental questions on the behavior of ceramic materials. 

Company assist and participation have become a hallmark of this a success studies undertaking, and lots of leading academics and researchers around the arena wanted to spend time gaining knowledge of and collaborating inside the many ongoing studies projects. After a few years, it also became obvious that clinicians and dental laboratory technicians had treasured stories and ideas to proportion with the institution, because they used those substances on a day by day basis. 

It became obvious that simplest while we shared our demanding situations and ideas for upgrades could essential breakthroughs occur. The idea of writing a textbook that focused in this interdisciplinary collaboration began inside the summer time of 2011. The 3 folks believed that a text can be created that targeted at the collaboration of biomaterials technological know-how, enterprise, scientific, and dental laboratory perspectives. We anticipated that most chapters should combine views by using asking biomaterials professionals to work with clinicians to write chapters.


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