Vertical and Horizontal ridge Augmentation

Author : Istvan Urban

Edition : 1st Edition

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This ebook expertly describes the important thing capabilities of vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation, which includes the surgical anatomy of the floor of the mouth, papilla reconstruction, the modified lingual flap and the preservation of the mental nerve throughout flap advancement, increase component applications used in conjunction with perforated membranes. 

Also dealing with complications of membrane exposure and graft infections, and a step-by means of-step description of entire reconstruction of the seriously resorbed maxillary ridge the use of GBR with simultaneous sinus augmentation. 

Almost all instances described include a retrospective section with suggestions on what could have been finished in another way to acquire even higher outcomes, making this e book a frank, ambitious, and immensely informative text at the medical exercise of ridge augmentation with GBR.


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