The Osteoperiosteal Flap

Author : Ole t. Jensen

Edition : 1st Edition

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This in an elaborate way illustrated and in short written book takes a contemporary scrutinize alveolar bone reconstruction, positing that the vitality of the gingiva-alveolus-implant advanced is a lot of necessary than easy implant longevity. With the utilization of osteoperiosteal flaps, the physician manipulates accessible bone to recover what’s missing during a} very specific way: endosteally. This comparatively closed wound approach looks to ad libitum activate the epigenetic signal inside the gingivoalveolar advanced, and therefore the augmentation develops in a very manner analogous to primaeval growth. 

Soft tissue typically follows suit, and implant medical care will begin, making a purposeful gingiva-alveolus-implant matrix. Once perfect, bone flaps will nearly entirely eliminate the necessity for block attachment or radio-controlled bone regeneration. 

The end result of the many years of clinical analysis severally conducted by specialists round the world, this volume presents procedures for numerous osteoperiosteal flaps that aren’t solely simple to find out however end in considerably fewer complications and a a lot of important alveolar reconstruction.


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