The Insider Guide to Invisalign Treatment

Author : Barry J. Glaser

Edition : 2nd Edition

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when I set out to write this e book, my objective became to expand a us- erfriendly, systematic guide to virtual remedy planning with Invisalign ® treatment. all through my travels lecturing to docs about treating pa- tients orthodontically with Invisalign clear aligners, as properly as consulting with docs on my educational website, a not unusual subject matter I pay attention is that many medical doctors don’t “get” Invisalign remedy plan- ning. For instance, they don’t recognize how to interpret what they see on a ClinCheck ® remedy plan, nor do they recognize how to efficiently communicate their treatment desires to their technician. 

Based totally on these observations, I evolved a 10-step technique to Invisalign treatment planning and ClinCheck design I name the “ClinCheck listing”. The ClinCheck list is a systematic technique to Invisalign remedy planning, providing the medical doctor with a step-via-step technique to guide them thru a rational, common sense idea method to acquire always excel- lent results with Invisalign. whether you are a first-time user or an experienced provider, the standards found out in this e book will help you appearance at ClinCheck plans in an totally new way — as “pressure systems, not teeth”. 

By means of retraining your eyes and thoughts to view your ClinCheck setups as the forces exerted upon the enamel by means of the aligners as opposed to a depiction of the teeth themselves, you will higher recognize how to set up your cases to obtain more predictable effects, extra correctly, with fewer refinements.


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