The Art of Occlusal and Esthetic Waxing

Author : Rowida Abdulla

Edition : 1st Edition

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This book is directed toward dental students and is supposed to supply a concise and straightforward guide for understanding the essential principles of occlusion and esthetics that are necessary to perfect occlusal and esthetic wax-ups on mounted casts. Acquiring and improving these skills prepares students for a successful career in dentistry. 

Certain morphologic aspects that relate to occlusal and esthetic wax-ups are described intimately with a stress on how these features affect function, although this book doesn’t describe the morphology of all tooth surfaces; other textbooks are available for the study of tooth morphology. 

The last half of this book provides step-by-step waxing instructions for maxillary and mandibular posterior teeth in occlusion on mounted casts also as esthetic wax-ups. In my previous book, Waxing for Dental Students, we covered the essential instrumentation and waxing techniques on dentoform teeth, and that i recommend using both books together to perfect the art of waxing teeth.


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