The Art and Science of Contemporary Surgical Endodontics

Author : Mahmoud Torabinejad
Richard Rubinstein

Edition : 1st Edition

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The book begins with a brief review of the basic science of tissues and then progresses to diagnosis, treatment planning, and surgical procedures, with emphasis on increased magnification, ultrasonic tips, microstain, the use of new root-end filling material. Is, which is emphasized. 

CBCT maximal sinus and its relation to surgical endodontics, soft and hard tissue treatment, and ancillary surgical procedures and considerations, such as procedural accidents, resurgence, root dissection, hemisphere, replication, implantation, crown lengthening, grafting of materials. Management. And pharmacology chapter. The results of surgical endodontics are evaluated based on current evidence. 

The accompanying DVD provides valuable video, performing several procedures. These features provide the reader with a textbook that is concise, current, and easy to follow in an interactive way. Written and extensively illustrated by a team of leading officials, this new compilation of cutting-edge knowledge and protocols is essential readings for the practice of endodontists and residents.


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