Author : Anil Ghom
Shubhangi Mhaske

Edition : 2nd Edition

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The motive of the ebook is specially to provide the undergraduate and postgraduate students, an easy way of reference for covering a vast-spectrum of oral pathology in lucid and simple language. In help of all of the composite works, it can be stated that the development of oral and maxillofacial pathology in its many numerous specialties coming up has made the concern too enormous to be protected properly by a single author. additionally, a balance between the advances and the primary essentials is want of the hour. With this balanced perspective and from the standpoint of the graduate and postgraduate college students underneath schooling, the authors have endeavored to bring together the oral and maxillofacial pathology with appreciate to the associated crucial scientific oral remedy and radiology. 

The e book offers an in depth insurance and emphasizes on specific description, adequate properly-classified illustrations, flow charts, current trends and molecular factors. aside from oral pathology in fashionable, the initial phase of the e-book consists of the fundamentals of the embryology, anatomy and pathology. The examine of microscope, tissue processing, diagnostic exams and superior strategies also are covered. The photomicrographs and the clinical images within the e book symbolize the adage: “A photograph is worth a thousand words”; because the reader is encouraged to study the info and to make clear the confusion of the topics. in spite of sincere efforts, elements of human errors or shortcomings are in all likelihood; the readers are welcome to factor out all such errors and render precious guidelines for further improvements and shall be significantly mentioned.


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