Textbook of Operative Dentistry Vimal Sikri 4th Edition

Author : Vimal K Sikri

Edition : 4th Edition

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once a scholar asked, Sir, the way to study more? I responded, please stay with the query for a longer duration. What I desired to emphasise became to maintain impinging the plethora of questions around you; slowly and slowly you may locate solutions and that is all about learning. every other manner of learning is to ‘train’ and by using teaching you’ll ‘study’. mastering is best the kindling of the flame. We do ‘understand’ a lot in existence however hardly ever ‘understand’. 

studying, a undying delight and a valuable treasure, is all about know-how. I, being my self-critic, preserve comparing my books often. the failings determined within the third version have been corrected and the fourth edition to your arms is new and up to date model of the challenge of Operative Dentistry. 

The language is kept lucid together with self- explanatory snap shots and diagrams. almost all chapters are updated; adding new text, simplifying the language and enhancing the diagrams. i am hoping the existing edition is in ‘need to-study’ class for the scholars pursuing Operative Dentistry as a career.


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