Textbook of Microbiology C P Baveja

Author: Dr. C P Baveja

Edition: 5th Edition

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Scientific Microbiology is unexpectedly expanding with awesome knowledge and exciting discoveries at molecular stage. applicable records of latest discoveries has been protected in sixth edition of the Textbook of Microbiology. each chapter has been carefully, updated and revised appreciably on the subject of class, taxonomy, pathogenesis, laboratory analysis and different components of numerous microorganisms. 

Beside those, a new bankruptcy on ‘rising and Reemerging Infections’ has been delivered to update the know-how. emerging zoonotic illnesses because of Nipah and Hendra viruses had been defined to apprehend the pathogenesis, laboratory analysis and preventive measures of these illnesses. 

A new and progressive chapter ‘essentials of Microbiology at glance’ has been blanketed to revise diverse components of all important microorganisms in no time. positive pointers from college students and instructors have been also considered even as revising the book. just like the previous variations, i am hoping the readers will discover this version greater informative and up to date.

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