Textbook of Histology Color Atlas

Author : Krishna Garg
Indira Bahl
Mohini Kaul
Sandip Mukherjee

Edition : 5th Edition

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The fourth edition of Textbook of Histology: color ATLAS was received well, still there have been comments regarding the tiny size of photomicrographs and figures. to beat the matter, the fifth edition has been designed as our earlier first-third editions. currently the text is on one page and its figure on the facing page. Since figures square measure a lot of necessary in providing visual impact, these at the side of the requisite photomicrographs and 3 points of identification as Facts to recollect square measure largely given on the proper hand pages of the book. 

The revision of those pages can facilitate the scholars clear the skilled examination with high scores. The microscopic anatomy a part of this book is “Must Know” solely with none elaboration on the “Nice to Know” and “Good to Know” parts because the time-frame of 1st MBBS is very short. Some figures are supplemented by “Insets” and a couple of diagrammatical figures square measure given to supply the multidimensional (3-D) read. 

The last chapter has been enlarged to offer a bird’s eye read of varied fixatives and stains. this could facilitate students finding out their BSc and MS courses. Multiple alternative queries square measure given at the tip of each chapter for revision. This book is primarily meant for collegian students of medical, dental, medical aid, physical therapy and physiatrics and allied health sciences courses.


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