Textbook of General and Oral Surgery

Author : David Wray

Edition : 1st Edition

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The scope of practice has evolved enormously sinc e the age of the barber surgeon. Oral surgery remains, however, not only a standard skill in dentistry but also a cor e skill for all dental surgeons no matter their area of specialism, and thus it’s a crucial a part of the undergraduate curriculum and general professional training. 

Over the years, because the medical status of the population ha s become more complex and surgical expertise has increased, oral surgery has evolved into identified subspecialties. These include maxillofacial surgery, which, in the UK, may be a specialty of medicine; oral surgery, which embraces maxillofacial trauma and orthognathic surgery; an d dentoalveolar surgery, which is designated surgical dentistry by the overall Dental Council within the UK. 

The first two – maxillofacial surgery and oral surgery – are the remit of specialists, whereas all dentists are expected t o b e competent in dentoalveolar surgery. A sound knowledge of basic surgical principles may be a prerequisite to the practice of any of those areas of surgery. 


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