Textbook of Endodontology 3rd Edition

Author : Lars Bjørndal
Lise-Lotte Kirkevang
John Whitworth

Edition : 3rd Edition

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A decade has handed given that the second one version of Textbook of Endodontology, and its founding editors, Gunnar Bergenholtz, Preben Hørsted-Bindslev, and Claes Reit, deserve our unreserved thank you for their legacy to the endodontic network. it’s far with the finest recognize, humility, and some diploma of awe that a brand new editorial team steps into their footwear, to fan the flames and convey this new version to lifestyles. 

a whole lot has advanced and modified within the final 10 years, however center ideas continue to be unchanged. We stay dedicated to the instructional desires of undergraduate and postgraduate dental students and popular practitioners who wish to update their knowledge of present day endodontic studies and practice. The third version stays real to the textbook’s founding ideas, providing statistics at the biological strategies of pulpal and periapical sickness and the way this influences clinical selection-making and practice. 

New line drawings and medical photographs are included and we’ve got retained core concept, advanced concept, medical system, and key literature boxes for ease of assimilation. we hope the man or woman chapters paintings properly together, and have signposted readers to related chapters wherein this will be helpful.


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