Textbook of Dental Anatomy, Physiology and Occlusion

Author : Rashmi G S(Phulari)

Edition : 1st Edition

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Dental anatomy paperwork the premise for all the fields of dentistry. Textbook of Dental Anatomy, physiology and Occlusion is an attempt toward assembly the good sized mission of providing an all comprehensive, yet easy-to-apprehend insurance of Dental anatomy, body structure and Occlusion. certain morphology of deciduous and everlasting tooth is narrated in a pointwise and systematic manner that is simpler to recognize and consider.

Aside from the snap shots of normal tooth specimen, numerous clinical pictures are added to illustrate not unusual versions, anomalies and practical relevance of teeth morphology. numerous tables, packing containers and waft charts during the text make understanding and recalling easier. The morphology of every everlasting teeth is summarized the usage of float charts that give the main anatomic landmarks of that tooth and a short precis of the major capabilities on all five aspects of that tooth.

Separate chapters are devoted to enamel notation systems, chronology of teeth improvement, variations between number one and everlasting dentitions, pulp morphology, temporomandibular joint and occlusion. Dental college students are brought to the fascinating aspects of dental anatomy including forensic odontology, evolution of tooth, dental anthropology and comparative dental anatomy.


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