Textbook of Dental Anatomy and Oral Physiology

Author : B. S. Manjunatha

Edition : 1st Edition

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This book is largely the end result of more than 8 years of my coaching in Dental Anatomy and Oral physiology for dental and medical students. some of the students have additionally been college and post-medical doctors. i am very grateful to them for his or her endurance and tolerance as it stepped forward from crude notes to the existing shape. many of my teachers and pals had been a huge supply of concept and thoughts. 

it’s miles my perception that Dental Anatomy and Oral body structure have very tons to contribute to fundamental expertise in the subject of dentistry. i am hoping sufficient students see this to make it appear. If this book contributes in any small manner to the future progress, it will serve its purpose.  The material inside the e book is written for humans at some of degrees. plenty of it’s far introductory for a amateur in dentistry, but serves to link to ideas with different branches by way of affiliation. 

for that reason, it needs to be studied with a few care.  This listing is incomplete and that i wish to thank and renowned all folks that were involved with this. I owe a special notice of way to such a lot of colleagues who, for diverse motives, were (and many are nevertheless) skeptical of the approach. with out that skepticism and close scrutiny, there might be far greater weaknesses and mistakes on this and associated works. i hope this ebook provokes a few strong reactions, fine and bad.


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