Textbook of Complete Dentures

Author : Arthur O. Rahn
John R. Ivanhoe
Kevin D. Plummer

Edition : 6th Edition

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The editors have felt for several years that there was no easy textbook designed for the college man dental student or family medical practitioner that explains the basic treatment desires for utterly toothless patients. This textbook wasn’t designed to contain all the knowledge a college man or dental practitioner would possibly need, however provides the fundamental info for consistent and quality treatment of the standard plate patient seen in dentist’s offices on a daily basis. 

it’s organized in typical chapters with info in text and figure format. the first chapters relate to the second portion of the textbook, that is Associate in Nursing Atlas of figures and legends to supplement the chapter info. 

The figures ar all new and in color, that supplements the text nicely. the fabric is straightforward to browse Associate in Nursingd clinically associated with place the basic steps in plate fabrication in an easy-to-use reference. Our hope is that this textbook can facilitate build the treatment of plate patients a satisfying facet of your clinical apply.


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