Textbook of Complete Denture Prosthodontics

Author : DL Sarandha
Zakir Hussain

Edition : 1st Edition

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i have made this humble attempt of penning this e book Textbook of entire Denture Prosthodontics with an intention to provide the simple knowledge of entire denture prosthodontics to the newcomers of the artwork and technology of prosthodontics. This accomplishment of mine also tries at fending off the dependence of beginners on overseas books taking the cost element into attention.

But, i have prevented compromising on the excellent with the aid of offering the clinical basis of complete denture treatment with emphasis on laboratory techniques, which could be very critical for the achievement of the remedy. 

a number of images and illustrations have been blanketed in order that now not a lot is left to the fate of imagination. as with every textbooks, even this try of mine may additionally have shortcomings, which I would really like to conquer in the next editions through your treasured recommendations.


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