Textbook of Anatomy Head, Neck, and Brain

Author : Vishram Singh

Edition : 2nd Edition

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It’s far with remarkable pride that I specific my gratitude to all college students and teachers who favored, used, and advocated the primary version of this e-book. This is because of their help that the ebook became reprinted three instances when you consider that its first publication in 2009. The massive fulfillment of this book reflects attraction of its clean, unclustered presentation of the anatomical textual content supplemented via best easy line diagrams.

Primarily based on a big variety of tips from college students and fellow academicians, the text has been considerably revised. Many new line diagrams and halftone figures had been brought and in advance diagrams had been up to date. I greatly respect the optimistic hints that I received from past and present college students and co-workers for development of the content of this ebook. 

I do not declare to absolute originality of the text and figures apart from the brand new mode of presentation and expression. all over again, I entire heartedly thank students, teachers, and fellow anatomists for uplifting me to carry out the revision. Me without a doubt hope that they’ll discover this version greater exciting and beneficial than the preceding one.


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