Techniques for Success with Implants in the Esthetic Zone

Author : Arndt Happe
Gerd Körner

Edition : 1st Edition

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Since I started placing implants as a part of my oral surgery training within the mid-1990s, I even have been especially curious about attempting to repeat nature as perfectly as possible. Anyone conversant in the topic will appreciate that this has led to some frustrating experiences, especially if you set a high esthetic standard. I quickly found that good results can’t be achieved without taking into consideration the disciplines of periodontology also as restorative and esthetic dentistry, then I attended conferences and courses on these subjects. 

the matter is that an entire universe of data exposes as soon as you begin dedicating yourself more to a discipline. Furthermore, you realize that other specialties like orthodontics, function, and dental technology also are extremely important and must be incorporated, which suggests you’ll feel rather overwhelmed within the beginning. Over time, however, you gain experience and are better ready to prioritize the wealth of data and assess the clinical relevance of the various techniques for yourself. 

this provides rise to certainty, professionalism, and practiced expertise. However, it’s not a simple path, and that i thank all my readers and mentors for his or her invaluable support and confidence in me. we frequently speak in an abstract way a few “learning curve” and readily forget that this is often underpinned not only by successes but obviously by failures also. Failures with implants within the esthetic zone are often extremely frustrating, expensive, and painful for everybody involved.


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