Surgical Approaches to the Facial Skeleton

Author : Edward Ellis
Michael F. Zide

Edition : 3rd Edition

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There are many motives for exposing the facial skeleton. Treatment of facial fractures, control of paranasal sinus disease, esthetic onlay and recontouring processes, optional osteotomies. Also remedy of secondary demanding deformities. Which includes enophthalmos, placement of endosteal implants, and a number of other reconstructive approaches require processes to the facial framework. 

Many tactics to a given skeletal region are possible. the choice is made typically on the premise of the health care professional’s schooling, enjoy, and bias. This e book does no longer suggest one method over every other. We hold the age-antique belief that “many roads lead to Rome.” Consequently, the motive of this e book is to explain in detail the anatomical and technical elements of most of the generally used surgical tactics to the facial skeleton. 

We’ve got intentionally no longer supplied every technique, because a lot of them are not universally used, or are so simple that nothing desires to be stated. However, the processes offered on this e-book will allow the physician whole get right of entry to to the craniofacial skeleton for whatever skeletal system is being accomplished. We have attempted, from the start, to make Surgical processes to the Facial Skeleton one of a kind from the alternative books that contact in this subject.


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