Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy for Oral Implantology

Author : Louie Al-Faraje

Edition : 1st Edition

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There are a number of exquisite anatomical atlases and textbooks to be had to dental clinicians, however frequently those atlases fail to fulfill the scientific needs of defining intraoperative systems for oral implantologists due to the overwhelmingly designated minutia. The aim of this ebook is to offer an ok amount of anatomical cloth in a readable and exciting format. 

i’ve depended on my very own clinical and coaching experience to decide what’s good enough. No foremost omissions have been made deliberately, but the primary focus is the medical relevance to oral implantology. each effort has been made to collection the facts in a logical manner. 

The illustrations in this e book are the result of very difficult work and cooperation between the illustrators and me. despite the fact that, sure anatomical landmarks are hard to demonstrate in a diagram format, which leads to confusion while college students and specialists are faced with actual specimens within the dissecting room or within the operatory.


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