Surgical Anatomy of the Head and Neck

Author : Parviz Janfaza
Joseph B. Nadol
Robert J. Galla
Richard L. Fabian
Richard L. Montgomery

Edition : 1st Edition

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The anatomy of the top and neck location is certainly among the maximum complex in the human body. subsequently, one of the maximum huge demanding situations to medical college students, residents, and subspecialty fellow in addition to the ones already in clinical exercise is the mastery of this clinically relevant and exquisite anatomy. 

This book gives in a unmarried supply the surgical anatomy of the top and neck. In addition, we are hoping that the juxtaposition of medical information and “pearls” based on surgical revel. 

In will offer vital clinico-anatomic correlations and make the mastery of this anatomy an simpler accomplishment for the ones dedicated to the care of sufferers with disorders of the pinnacle and neck place.


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