Structures of the Head and Neck

Author : Frank J. Weaker

Edition : 1st Edition

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The complexity of the top and neck are often overwhelming for the novice dental hygiene student who is within the initial stages of learning anatomy. This book was written to help novice students in learning and understanding the complex topographic anatomy which will form the inspiration of their careers in dental hygiene. The book is written during a student-friendly style, with over 400 vividly colored and labeled illustrations, tables, and flowcharts. Each chapter begins with a group of objectives to assist the scholar specialise in what should be learned by the completion of the chapter. 

The objectives are followed by a quick overview that explains the subject of the chapter and why it’s relevant to the scholar. Review questions follow the main subdivisions of the chapter; these questions allow the scholar to reflect on the topic matter before continuing on to new material. Major features of every chapter are the specialty boxes that contain additional information regarding structure and performance, clinical correlates, and anatomy. 

Each chapter contains tables or flowcharts to assist the scholar organize the knowledge to review. additionally to the chapter summary, each chapter ends with a Learning Lab, a singular feature that gives the scholar the chance to experience hands-on learning and problem solving through two sorts of exercises. The Laboratory Activities encourage students to explore anatomy through palpation of their own bodies and thru creation of models and straightforward sketches. 


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