Step by Step Clinical Exodontics

Author : Pramod Bansi Mathur
Sanjay Bansi Mathur
Manisha Mathur

Edition : 1st Edition

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If making of the denture is the butter for the dentist then extraction of tooth is the bread. This ebook consists of all what is required before, throughout and after the extraction of enamel, including deciduous teeth, complicated extractions, damaged root pieces, root remnants, and information of extractions/ odontectomy of impacted 0.33 molars, canine, mesiodents, and supernumeraries. Sterilization, theater decorum, details of antibiotics, and all that should be achieved to avoid infection are discussed in detail. Emergencies, allergic manifestations, anaphylactic reactions, etc. are also highlighted. The tortuous operational technicalities are defined in a completely easy way with the assist of pics/ figures and video movies. 

A health practitioner faces many running minute however important technical problems at some point of operations, which are generally now not explained anywhere, and are left to creativeness of the general practitioner however those issues are nicely defined in this book. The accompanying audio-video DVD explains even the minutest technical information with the assist of film clippings of various techniques including extractions, impactions and different surgical strategies.


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