Stem Cells

Author : G. Nandhini
Cherian Eapen
Kurian Anil

Edition : 1st Edition

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It’s far with mammoth delight and satisfaction that I present the primary edition of Stem Cells to college students, researchers and practitioners in the scientific arena. The subject Stem Cells has assumed the status of a strong point handiest lately. With the rapid growth of this evolving problem, I felt the need for a e-book providing all relevant statistics presently available; comprehensive enough to give applicable facts to the looking thoughts. currently, only a few books had been written with the objective to present this situation to researchers of the medical subject. it is hoped that this e-book might be a useful asset to fulfill the need of scientific researchers of their quest to test into the ever dynamic opportunity that the arena of Stem Cells gift.

Scientist for centuries, have regarded that positive animals can regenerate lacking parts in their bodies. human beings percentage this ability with animals just like the starfish and the newt. despite the fact that humans can’t replace a lacking leg or a finger, our our bodies are constantly regenerating pores and skin, blood and other tissues. Experiments conducted inside the Nineteen Fifties with bone marrow, mounted the lifestyles of stem cells as powerful cells that allow us to regenerate a few tissues. This brought about the improvement of bone marrow transplantation, a remedy now extensively used in medication.


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