Speciality Imaging Temporomandibular Joint

Author : Dania Tamimi
David C. Hatcher

Edition : 1st Edition

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The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the most complex structure of the oral and maxillofacial complicated.  it is a foundation piece of anatomy that influences occlusion, growth of the jaws and face, airway dimensions, and jaw function.  to correctly analyze this shape, one ought to have an information of the function that the TMJ performs in facial growth and improvement, feature of the somatognathic machine, and the way abnormalities affecting the TMJ will change the size of the facial skeleton and surrounding structures. 

The close proximity of the TMJ to the temporal bone and cranium base contents necessitates an knowledge of how conditions of one can affect the other. which will carry out a complete assessment, the clinician must recognize the nerve distribution, patterns of pain referral, and extracapsular situations that may mimic temporomandibular problems (TMD).  

In this e book, medicinal drug meets dentistry on the TMJ. There are specific and commonplace grounds which include anatomic zones, imaging modalities, affected person situations, and offering clinical signs and symptoms and signs and symptoms. The patient seeking medical care might also input the exercise of medicine or dentistry with TMD or situations that mimic TMD, and if the clinician isn’t always aware of how the TMJ impacts different systems and does now not interact with different specialists that may provide their specific perception, the diagnosis might not be complete.


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