Author: Suraj Kumar

Edition: 1st Edition


first off I would love to bring to the attention of MDS ASPIRANTS that i have not blanketed the fundamentals on this e book. you can get it in any MCQs books. furthermore it’s miles even presumed that after passing  diploma route of four years, the aspirants may be well-versed with the simple knowledge. on this e book, i have protected simplest the ones factors which might be frequently asked in any competitive MDS entrance exam and which are commonly neglected by way of the aspirants. moreover I  have additionally mentioned the factors from which new questions might be requested associated with the preceding years questions. also sure principles which I had shaped at some point of my preparatory duration which had typically baffled me has been put-up in a simple way.

There are also positive tricks to don’t forget the essential forgettable factors which is solely my brain toddler

i have also tried to symbolize certain hard points in diagrammatic/tabular/float chart layout because it is simple to learn.

To sum-up, this e-book is complete of aggressive standards and less of fundamentals.

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