Shortcuts in Aesthetic Dentistry

Author : Ronaldo Hirata

Edition : 1st Edition

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This clinically pushed text focuses on the problems of esthetic restorative dentistry with the purpose of disclosing simple and practical answers to not unusual questions and troubles. each chapter is prepared into a sequence of questions the reader can also have; the ebook then solutions those questions in element the use of scientific proof and case presentations. the author presents streamlined methods step by step and affords severa suggestions on a way to implement the ideas defined. 

recovery techniques include steering on recontouring, stratification schemes, layering strategies, characterization, occlusal ideas, and extra. available and minimalist in its method, this deceptively thorough book demystifies cutting-edge esthetic dentistry and descriptions easy and powerful answers for scientific exercise. 

Clinicians will locate themselves referring returned to this article lengthy after the first read-thru for short, easy-to-discover solutions and solutions to some of esthetic dentistry’s most common issues.688 pp; 3,588 illus Contents 1. Dental Bleaching: concepts and Bleaching materials 2. Composite Resins and Adhesive structures: The fabric 3. Esthetic Restorations and Anterior Makeovers 4. Esthetic Restorations and Sculpture in Posterior tooth five. Inlays and Onlays: Partial Restorations in Composites and Ceramics


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