Short and Ultra-Short Implants

Author : Douglas Deporter

Edition : 1st Edition

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In many clinical situations, setting what were considered general-duration dental implants may be difficult or not possible because of anatomical barriers along with proximity of the mandibular canal, pneumatization of the maxillary sinus, and alveolar ridge deficiencies. The fitness, age, and willingness of the patient to undertake invasive remedies can all be additional boundaries. Of path, there are a number of surgical processes to be had to facilitate future implant placement in patients with superior alveolar ridge resorption. 

Greater complex processes encompass the use of autogenous inlay or onlay bone grafts harvested intra- or extraorally, distraction osteogenesis, zygomatic arch implants, transposition of the inferior alveolar nerve, guided bone regeneration, and various maxillary sinus hollow space manipulations. However, these tactics are case sensitive, technically stressful, time eating, and stressful, now not to mention that they boom postoperative morbidity as well as the entire value and length of the remedy. 

Using brief and extremely-short implants is currently able to provide the exceptional and least expensive alternative in lots of conditions, however some clinicians nonetheless refuse to just accept their suitability. This e-book is the most complete presentation to this point on the usage of quick and extremely-quick implants, and it’ll deliver dentists a higher information of their suitable application in solving scientific conditions from restoring a unmarried teeth to absolutely edentulous cases.


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