Shape and Color The Key to Successful Ceramic Restorations

Author : Gérald Ubassy

Edition : 1st Edition

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The development of latest techniques and materials enables the contemporary denturist to satisfy even those patients who are particularly concerned about the esthetics of their teeth. due to this legitimate expectation, our profession must keep consistently informed and must exchange information. 

Thus the essential thought that kept me motivated while completing this textbook was the strong desire for “communication”-a keyword and characteristic of a progressive profession. This book is devoted especially to those technicians who apply our methods in practice. Clinicalaspectsare a part of every chapter so as to imbue the described methods with necessary pertinence and reliability. 

Another keyword of our book is observation, which is that the basis of my work, and nature as a most vital “keyhole.” The study of shapesand microshapes and the way they interact with color is that the guideline of this book. These studies are of utmost importance to me.


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