Self-Ligation in Orthodontics

Author : Nikolaos Pandis
Theodore Eliades

Edition : 1st Edition

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despite the fact that the idea of self-ligation became added in orthodontics several decades ago, it changed into only inside the ultimate 15 years that those appliances became to be had in their modern form. advertising of self-ligating brackets has proven a peak at some point of the beyond few years with every principal orthodontic materials producer introducing a self-ligating bracket within the market of both lively or passive self-ligating mode. 

It can be thrilling to view the evolution of the self-ligating idea from the perspective of the Gartner’s hype cycle1, which became brought in 1995 to explain the innovative stages of a brand new era from its concept to its adoption by way of the market. This cycle is depicted by means of a function curve consisting of an initial sharp upward thrust and a subsequent fast drop, accompanied through a plateau, and applies to both, emerging technology, new products or techniques. 

Aside from a handful of retrospective research on speed brackets, for extra than 15 years, the only clinical evidence on the efficiency of these appliances become confined to scientific observations, opinion articles and case reports. Informative as they is probably, those sources are regularly misleading because they may be based on a subjective view, and are prone to prejudice in the choice of members, final results bias and coincidental correlation.


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