Self Assessment and Review of Anatomy

Author : K Rajesh Kaushal

Edition : 1st Edition

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lengthy ago I notion of a undertaking—Human Anatomy Made easy. Then it changed into a dream, now realizing that dream into concrete fact is a profound count number of satisfaction and pleasure. As Steve Maraboli stated: ‘The pleasant way to succeed is to have a particular reason, a clean imaginative and prescient, a plan of action, and the capability to hold clarity.’ Anatomy is an crucial element of PG front exams at multiple ranges. 

It is not an essential character challenge in itself however, in terms of conceptual and clinical correlates, touches and fetches advanced scoring in almost all the principal and minor topics, once mastered properly. the existing ebook is a simplistic vital technique to master primary and conceptual Anatomy and its scientific utility. 

maximum possible content has been protected underneath diverse sub-sections of Anatomy, so that the pupil does not need to investigate a plethora of books—in a sense it is ‘multi functional approach’. it’s miles written in a simple lucid language with smartly labelled line diagrams, in conjunction with tables and flowcharts to improve memorization and take into account of the vast content. 


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