Quick Review Series for BDS 4th Year Volume 1

Author : J Jyotsna Rao

Edition : 2nd Edition

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I am overwhelmed by the positive response received from the scholars everywhere the country to the primary edition of this book. When the primary edition of this book was published, it had been released as eight subject wise individual books. so as to further make it more convenient and cozy for the scholars to organize for exams, this second edition is formed with tremendous changes combining all eight final BDS subjects into two volumes with four subjects in each volume.

This volume of the book contains four subjects, i.e. Orthodontics, Paedodontics, Community Dentistry and Periodontics. right along with upgraded change, I even have taken care in order that the essential format is maintained, which is previously so well received. I even have restructured the contents of this book in such a fashion that students are going to be benefitted by using comprehensive and relevant information given within the book. it’s planned during a meticulous manner and that i have endeavoured comprehensively to refer and include relevant information from the quality textbooks. #QRS for BDS 4th Year PDF

Though written during a question- and- answer format, this book is arranged during a logical sequence for the aim of higher recapitulation. Unlike the previous edition here Short Essay and Short Note questions and answers are marked within Long Essays wherever it had been possible, in order that students will have double advantage in preparing for exams by conserving time and energy. # Quick Review Series for BDS 4th Year Volume 1 PDF

This makes it easy for the scholars to quickly review the whole subject and also recollect whatever that they had studied during the tutorial year of ultimate BDS. This book is primarily intended for undergraduate students, but also can be used as a fast reference by postgraduate students to remember the topic . I hope this book will make a crucial contribution to the scholars in understanding the topic and excelling in their examinations.


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