Pulp-Dentin Biology in Restorative Dentistry

Author : Ivar A. Mjør

Edition : 1st Edition

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The predoctoral dental curriculum devotes massive time to teaching the primary sciences. therefore, predoctoral dental college students own detailed knowledge of the simple shape of tissues and the interplay among ultrastructure, physiology, biochemistry, and tissue responses concerned in pathologic and immunologic reactions. unique publications on basic science topics define their programs to the dental tissues. 

While college students prepare to go into the preclinical and medical part of the curriculum, they’re clearly tense to apply this understanding in their future careers. regrettably, their anticipation is quickly stifled by using an emphasis on technical information too frequently no longer rooted in primary technological know-how. at the same time as these info represent important elements within the practice of dentistry, they’ve emerged from a long time of medical enjoy and frequently lack a scientific foundation. 

It’s far the purpose of this e-book to apply the know-how won from the basic technology component of the dental curriculum to the clinical practice of restorative dentistry. with the aid of more fully integrating fundamental science and clinical revel in, we will enhance the care we provide to our patients. furthermore, such interchange can serve as a foundation for boosting new restorative substances and techniques. 

It’s far my wish that this e book will bridge the distance that currently separates the 2 elements of the traditional dental school curriculum. each college students and practicing clinicians can gain by using higher knowledge the pulp-dentin complicated and its role in restorative dentistry.


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