Public Health and Epidemiology at a Glance

Author : K. Kumaran Rob Anderson

Edition : 1st Edition

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This e-book has arisen from our experience of growing a new undergraduate scientific direction for the Peninsula clinical school. in the early days, we have been conscious of staying simply one step in advance of the scholars in phrases of making plans the next stage of the curriculum. Now that the route is properly-set up, we’re necessarily reflecting on wherein and how within the curriculum public health and epidemiology are first-rate introduced. 

The GMC steerage in day after today’s medical doctors stresses the essential significance of public health as a core element of scientific education; therefore our taken into consideration view is that gaining knowledge of approximately public health standards and practice should be completely integrated into all aspects of clinical learning. 

Another important principle is that students have to study from human beings operating in carrier public health, simply as they examine from lively clinicians in other fields. we have attempted to make certain that this ebook covers public health subjects, and mainly epidemiology, in the sort of manner that the sensible programs of idea and concepts to public health provider work can be visible.


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