Principles of Pharmacology for Dental Students

Author : Naresh Kumar Khanna

Edition : 3rd Edition

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The Dental Council of India (DC!) has recently revised the syllabus in pharmacology for BDS students. Keeping that in mind the book has been revised. Points for dental students are given at the top of every chapter to hide the implications of drugs in practice as desired by the DCI. Treatment of common dental problems has also been included within the portion of dental pharmacology. Further,all the chapters have been updated and meticulously revised. I have also tried to incorporate the new drugs as for as possible. As usual, I am sure dental students will find the text precise and reader-friendly. this may enable them to accumulate the basic knowledge of drugs for his or her rational use in dental practice.

I am thankful to my colleague, Dr HL Sharma, for his valuable suggestions. i’m bound to receive constructive comments and suggestions from my fellow colleagues, students, and other readers in future also. this may help me to revise the book in future.

I thankfully acknowledge the meticulous work of the staff of CBS Publishers & Distributors, and therefore the cooperation of my wife.


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