Principles of Design and Fabrication in Prosthodontics

Author : Arnold Hohmann
Werner Hielscher

Edition : 1st Edition

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This textbook is designed for the specialized teaching of advanced dental students and technicians. it is written and illustrated through humans who have a ardour for their craft and take pleasure in passing on their knowledge. The text describes the philosophy in the back of prosthodontic design and systematically info all the operating steps in designing and fabricating restorations and dentures.

in contrast to other prosthodontic texts, this one is written from a layout attitude first and primary, explaining the purpose at the back of the maximum minute of design issues, including distinctive extension fingers in removable partial denture clasps. because prosthodontists should possess the abilties required to physically fabricate restorations, the book consists of complete instructions on fabrication, clearly delineating the scientific paintings from the laboratory work. 

It additionally gives every technique as an illustrated algorithm with certain legends; those algorithms offer a brief orientation and visible aid for the reader. multiple working techniques for complete denture fabrication are offered, and the very last chapter describes how to contain sound prosthodontic layout into implant remedy. Armed with this ebook, the dental student might be properly prepared to create esthetic, strong, and sturdy restorations.


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