Author : Gerard J. Tortora
Bryan Derrickson

Edition : 13th Edition

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An anatomy and physiology course are often the gateway to a gratifying career during a whole host of health-related professions. It also can be a fantastic challenge. Through years of collaboration with students and instructors alike, we’ve come to intimately understand not only the fabric but also the evolving dynamics of teaching and learning A&P. So with every remake , it’s our goal to seek out new ways to assist instructors teach more easily and effectively and students to find out during a way that sticks. 

We believe we compile experience and innovation like nobody else, offering a singular solution for A&P designed to assist instructors and students succeed together. 

From constantly evolving animations and visualizations to style supported optimal learning to lessons firmly grounded in learning outcomes, everything is meant with the goal of helping instructors such as you teach during a way that inspires confidence and resilience in students and better learning outcomes.


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