Primary Tooth Development in Infancy

Author : P. Sema Aka
Murat Yagan
Nergis Canturk <br.Rukiye Dagalp

Edition : 1st Edition

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This color atlas describes the early stage of human dentistry, which corresponds to the development of primary teeth in childhood. The stages of these developmental stages are shown in photographs, which were taken under similar circumstances, and the short text of this book explains the photographs. The atlas studies the monthly teeth of children from the seventh intrauterine month to the age of 1 year of fetal and infant autopsy cases, indicating their monthly development. Legal permission was granted by Ankara University and the Council of Judicial Medicine, Ministry of Justice. 

This book contains 1570 photographs of deciduous teeth taken from six different aspects: 1. Laboratory / buccal; 2. Bhashika / Talavya, 3. Madhur; 4. Outside; 5. incisal / occlusal; And 6. Root direction surfaces and drawings. As a supplement, user-friendly age estimation software is included for quick and easy age estimation from computed tomography pictures from both direct manual and indirect virtual dental measurements. 

The hope is that primary tooth development at Infosys will be used in general dentists, forensic odontologists, forensic medicine specialists, dental anthropologists, forensic scientists, pediatricians, obstetrics, physiologists, embryologists and pedodontics and jurisprudence. Should the book achieve this goal, it will give authors great professional enjoyment.


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