Peri-Implant Complications

Author : Anastasia Kelekis-Cholakis
Ioannis Tsourounakis
Nader Hamdan
Reem Atout

Edition : 1st Edition

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With the ever increasing use of dental implants aimed toward restoring characteristic and esthetics, it’s miles predicted that the oral healthcare group will encounter peri-implant diseases greater regularly. Similarly, given the increasing existence spans of treated populations and the parallel advances in biomaterials and implant designs, dental implants are anticipated to function for longer periods of time. 

It’s miles consequently incumbent at the oral healthcare team to diagnose, deal with, and prevent peri-implant sicknesses. This medical manual has endeavored to deal with biologic gentle and hard tissue complications that arise after loading of dental implants. The etiology, analysis, and remedy options for each circumstance are discussed in every chapter. 

Possible chance signs for the improvement of these conditions are reviewed based on present day scientific proof. This e book is suggested for any member of the oral healthcare group that keeps dental implants. It offers a comprehensive, but simple, assessment of peri-implant diseases as a way to manual the practitioner inside the long-time period renovation of dental implants.


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