Author: Stephen Rosenstiel
Martin Land
Junhei Fujimoto

Edition: 5th Edition


Inside the overdue summer of 1975, three young dentists from England, Holland, and Japan met for the very first time at the faculty of Dentistry in Indianapolis. They shared a common interest in “crown and bridge” prosthodontics. Little did they recognize that forty years later they might take huge pride in having completed the fifth version of current fixed Prosthodontics. Because the 3 folks embarked on gaining knowledge of the art and technology of constant prosthodontics, we encountered the whole range of human emotions, ranging from lack of confidence to self-self belief, from frustration to fulfillment, and from anxiety to pleasure and occasional delight. 

It is with tons pride that we introduce this comprehensively updated and revised version of one of the maximum extensively used and translated texts in our discipline. The project once again became overwhelming. era had evolved far past our consolation zones of medical sciences and dental materials. The technological advances in imaging and CAD/CAM tempted us to add a bankruptcy (in an appropriate region in the text) summarizing new technological developments. as a substitute, we opted to combine new technology during the text, as we consistently tried to do in earlier variants.

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