OSCEs for Dentistry

Author : Kathleen F M Fan
Judith Jones

Edition : 3rd Edition

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Techniques of examinations in clinical topics have modified over time. The traditional essay writing and viva examinations have been superseded in some centres by means of more brief solution papers and sensible examinations. objective dependent medical examinations or OSCEs as they’re greater usually acknowledged are getting greater famous.

They provide a way of testing a huge style of sensible capabilities and understanding in a standardised and structured way. the usage of medical models has also enabled certain clinical capabilities to be tested with out the need for sufferers. however a few stations do require the use of standardised patients (both actual and actors), particularly evaluation of communication skills, records presenting and consent.

This e book is meant to help students getting ready to sit OSCEs in dentistry at undergraduate and postgraduate level. It consists of a spread of OSCE stations and lists the things that the examiners will expect to see you perform so that you can skip that station. It suggests that a correct analysis with out the previous steps does no longer always cause a high-quality rating, and marks are presented for things which includes an introduction and empathy. It isn’t always supposed as a textbook to train you a way to carry out various scientific talents but as a substitute to provide frameworks around which maximum answers/tasks can be achieved.


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