Orthognathic Surgery

Author : Farhad B. Naini
Daljit S. Gill

Edition : 1st Edition

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Orthognathic surgical operation holds a unique position within remedy and surgical treatment. first off, it is a subspecialty of two wonderful surgical specialties: Oral and Maxillofacial surgical treatment and Orthodontics. Secondly, orthognathic surgical treatment, from the tricky details of analysis and remedy making plans through to the finesse of surgical approach, requires the best combination of artwork and technological know-how. sooner or later, unlike many other parts of drugs and surgical operation, sufferers do not simply ‘need’ such remedy; in addition they ‘desire’ the remedy, and the combined practical and aesthetic upgrades may be, quite literally, existence-changing for the orthognathic affected person.

The essential reason of this e-book is to provide clinicians with comprehensive records regarding prognosis and remedy planning, and unique, upto-date, step-with the aid of-step descriptions of the particular operative strategies in orthognathic surgery and applicable procedures from allied specialties.


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