Orthodontics Prep Manual for Undergraduates

Author : Sridhar Premkumar

Edition : 3rd Edition

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whilst the first edition become launched, the magnanimous response from the scholars changed into fairly motivating to me. all of it started with the thought of bridging the gap between latitudinous standards and facts in orthodontics’ reference books and the realistic problems of nascent dentists in comprehending and reflecting in evaluation tests. 

i am glad this manual had struck the right chord with the scholars and had grow to be the primary desire for college students in India who seem for idea exams, viva voce and put up-graduate entrance exam preparations. This crimson carpet welcome from the readers and forthright hobby with the aid of the publisher had resulted in this ultra-modern version with more colourful presentation. 

This version isn’t only a face-elevate for previous editions, however the complete manual had undergone inclined edition primarily based on the worldwide mastering strategies. This book manual, from this edition, can also be recognized to fulfill the demands of various sorts of gaining knowledge of famous among college students.


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