Author : Dr. Haris Khan

Edition : 1st Edition


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In this period of pre-adjusted brackets, the present literature on orthodontics limits itself to twine bending treatment practices. due to the fact that present day authors were not trained at the pre-adjusted bracket mechanics, for this reason they were handicapped to broach at the concern on the applicable point in time. In current orthodontics, many orthodontists still motel to cord bending techniques to close extraction spaces or to correct 3 dimensional positions of the enamel.

Chapters on orthodontic brackets in diverse books both focus on theoretical perspective or are devoid of essential correlation of brackets,vis-a-vis their intended scientific use. a few authors have depicted fancy snap shots to demonstrate scientific use of brackets.

To cope with such obvious lacunae, I began operating on orthodontic brackets in the year 2012 by way of gathering the brackets which were debonded at some stage in my scientific exercise.This took me thru the entire literature on orthodontic brackets as offered in diverse journals and manufacturer catalogues. This supplied me an get entry to to real time photos of brackets the use of unique micro lenses and transportable microscopes.


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