Orthodontic Biomechanics: Treatment of Complex Cases Using Clear Aligner

Author : Donna Galante
Sam Daher
Tarek El-Bialy

Edition : 1st Edition

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The introduction of clean aligners in orthodontics as a remedy modality for complex and hard cases has received a global reputation/attention nowadays due to the extended blessings over regular constant orthodontic systems. those advantages encompass, however no longer restrained to the subsequent. 

1) clean aligners are more esthetically applicable than fixed orthodontic braces including clear due to the truth that regardless of everyday clear braces, metallic wires are nonetheless being used which commonly are visible from a distance. And Teflon lined wires normally go through peeling off the Teflon coat, which leads to the cord metal be visible. 2) clean aligners require less upkeep compared to regular fixed home equipment. In different words, much less emergency visits like broken brackets, poking wires and other associated headaches with ordinary constant orthodontic braces. 

3) No food restriction like with clear aligners typically as with everyday constant orthodontic braces. Since the patients eliminate the aligners all through meals and devour commonly. Brush and floss typically then put on the aligners back. four) no human error in bracket positioning like those in everyday constant orthodontic braces. despite sophisticated automated oblique bonding techniques. That make use of sophisticated computer softwares for bracket positioning with constant orthodontic braces. Most of the time the clinician has to do cord bending and typically finishing fixed orthodontic instances takes as a minimum six to 8 months on average, in particular to fix minor human mistakes in bracket positioning.


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